Stuffed Poblano Peppers

It has been incredibly busy this fall at the Murphy household.  Between school work, papers for my graduate class and coaching, cooking has been on the back burner. No pun intended :o) I have been trying to find recipes, or make dishes, where I can use vegetables from my garden.  This recipe was found in my Cooking Light Magazine. Read my observations and analysis to see what I changed in the recipe.

This year is the first year my husband and I have grown poblano peppers. For some reason they didn’t grow as large as the peppers you would see at the store.  I had the craving for a stuffed poblano, and decided to make “open face” peppers instead of stuffed.  There wouldn’t be any room to stuff with the mini peppers our garden produced. If you make this recipe at home, buy the largest poblano peppers you can find.  Read my tips at the bottom to see why.

Click HERE to access a printable version of this recipe.

Observations: The most time consuming process of this recipe was peeling the pepper and scraping out the seeds.  It took way to long and I started getting frustrated after the 3rd pepper.  If you buy 4 large like the recipe says, this wouldn’t have been so bad. Otherwise, the filling was extremely easy and delicious.  The filling could always be made a day or 2 ahead and then reheated if you are making it for company.

Analysis: I plan on making this (or some version of this) again.  We have more mini poblanos to pick from our garden, but I have a game plan for the next time.  I’m going to try cleaning the peppers while they are raw (taking the seeds out). Then I’ll put them under the broiler for charring.  I changed a few ingredients in this recipe.  Instead of bulgar, I decided to use a plain whole wheat cous cous.  Also, I added canned artichoke hearts, which I chopped up and threw in with the filling.  The artichokes gave a nice tart sweetness to the spicy poblano and green chiles. The cheese on top was a Monterrey cheese, but it had cilantro and chives in it. This was from the farmer’s market and was absolutely delicious. The nice thing about this dish is its versatility.  You can add all types of foods inside your stuffed pepper.


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