A lil’ bit of this and a lil’ bit of that..

I received some exciting news today from a fellow blogger!  Karen Chandler, and her blog “Visioning”, has awarded me “The Versatile Blogger Award”. I started following her blog because of the beautiful and inspiring photos she captures with her camera.  She creates true artwork with her photography.  Thank you so much Karen! It is such a confidence boost to be recognized by other bloggers.  When you receive this award, you are supposed to write 7 things your readers might not know about you. Then, you award 15 other bloggers with his award. I hope to complete another post over my winter break to complete this. I try my best to make these recipes easy and accessible to all home cooks, no matter their skill level. Cooking, taking pictures of what I create, and sharing it with others is such an amazing and rewarding experience.

I’ve been in a rut lately because of my hectic schedule.  My meals have consisted of very basic dinner, which are not “blog worthy”.  I have a couple recipes in my files that I plan to post this weekend…

I did make roasted beets recently, but I added a small twist. I peeled/cubed the beets, tossed them with salt, pepper and garlic oil, and roasted them at about 400 degrees.  Right before they were done (check with a fork) I tossed the cubed beets with homemade basil pesto.  Obviously, you can use store bought pesto, but I happened to have some already made in my fridge. This tasted delicious on salads with goat cheese and a champagne vinaigrette dressing. The pesto gives the beets a whole new level of flavor!



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