Un-stuffed Stuffing

This stuffing was discovered in Food Network magazine, and I felt it would go really well with our Christmas feast. This blog is all about experimenting with new foods/recipes, and Chorizo (a spicy spanish pork sausage) is definitely a new food for me. I bought mild Chorizo, instead of hot, because I wasn’t sure how my guests would react to something so spicy. This recipe comes from Aaron Sanchez, who I love to watch as a judge on Food Network’s Chopped. This recipe was definitely a fun twist on a traditional cornbread stuffing. If you feel like trying something new, click HERE. This would make a great side to any meal, and it was extremely easy to make!

**Note: This recipe yields about 3 Cups, which I thought was odd, so I quadrupled it for Christmas. When I make it again, I will probably double it to have leftovers.

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Grandma Flo’s Zucchini Bread

My Grandma Flo ALWAYS baked when I was growing up. She is now 84 and still tries to bake when she can. With severe arthritis in her shoulders, baking can be difficult. Periodically, I will put her recipes on here to pay homage to her. Her zucchini bread is extremely easy, but full of flavor and super moist. Her secret is adding crushed pineapple. My addition to the dish…chocolate chips! The nice thing about quick breads is that you can add/omit what you like/don’t like. I happen to love chocolate, so in go the chocolate chips! Also, a huge thank you to Grandma Murphy for the GIANT zucchinis she gave me that inspired me to bake this. Continue reading