Butternut Squash Risotto

With the seasons quickly changing, the recipes in the kitchen do as well.  Squash is so delicious and versatile.  There are so many varieties, and I love every squash I’ve encountered.  Butternut is always a family fav, but a lot of people can be overwhelmed by squash.  There are perceptions that squash is very difficult to cook…NOT TRUE.

If you have never cooked with squash, please try!  For beginners….try an acorn squash.  Prick the skin randomly with a fork. Cut it in half and scrape out the seeds. Put a little bit of butter and brown sugar (plus a little salt) inside both halves and place on a microwave safe plate.  Microwave for 10 minutes….Enjoy!  I eat that delicious meal with a spoon.  It is already in a perfectly shaped bowl!

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