Freaky Fast Fried Rice

I’m back! 2 games into my basketball season, and unfortunately we have not won a SINGLE game. Oh well, the boys are great so I can’t complain. Here is how my weeks have been going so far:

Monday (Meetings after school)

Tuesday (Science club 3-4/bball practice/or game depending on Tuesday/Graduate class from 5:30-9:30)

Wednesday (practice 3-4 or game till 6 depending on day)

Thursday (practice 3-4 or game till 6 depending on day/ meeting at 7)

Friday rest..pass out..whatever you want to call it.

I’m not sitting here saying that my schedule is any busier than yours or that I am complaining. However, this should explain why I haven’t written in 2 weeks.  I miss cooking! I made myself sit down yesterday and plan my meals out for this week/weekend.

TIP: If you are crazy busy like I am, sit down and write out the days of the week.  Whatever days you will not be home, write leftovers. The days you are home, come up with a recipe you can cook that can feed your family for 2 days. I usually Cook Mondays and Wednesdays so I can have leftovers Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It works out when I actually make my list over the weekend and go to the grocery store. I had the flu this weekend (or food poisoning) and couldn’t get out.  So, I went to the store tonight. It may seem simple to make a list for the week, and many of you might already do this, but it has been so helpful to us (and our wallets!) We are not tempted to eat out as much when meals are planned.

Okay, enough ranting…onto food!  This fried rice recipe is something I do when I am short for time.  You can throw in whatever you like, depending on what is in the fridge.  It is GREAT for leftover rice you do not know what to do with and GREAT for you too! I don’t have specific measurements for this, or a specific recipe, so here it is:


  • broccoli (chopped up into small pieces)
  • red pepper (chopped up into small pieces)
  • 2 eggs, cracked into bowl and slightly beaten with fork
  • 2 pork chops (cut into small cubes) -can easily leave out and make vegetarian!
  • scallions, sliced on the diagonal
  • soy sauce, low sodium
  • fried rice seasoning, found near taco seasoning (optional)
  • garlic, minced (optional)
  • cooked rice (brown or white)


I quickly stir fried the broccoli and red pepper in a tiny bit of oil over high heat (add garlic here if you wish.  After 2-3 minutes, take the veggies and place them on a plate.  Add a little more oil, let it get hot and add the cubed pork.  Once pork is cooked, move to the side and pour egg mixture into side of pan. Cook the eggs in the side of the pan until done (keep moving around with spoon to scramble it). Once eggs and pork are both cooked, add the broccoli red pepper mixture back in the pan. Add in the scallions and fried riced seasoning packet.  Stir to combine.  Then, add rice until portions look balanced (4 C?) and add soy sauce a little at a time.  Start with 1/8 C and add little at a time to taste.  Everyone’s taste buds are different so start with less because you can always add more. Stir to combine! This literally takes me 20-30 minutes…Enjoy!

Oberservations/Analysis: I love making fried rice and usually do it with peas and carrots. I will say that I LOVE the broccoli and red pepper combo.  It was a nice change of pace.  My husband also didn’t complain with the fried rice (although he thought it was cous cous at first). This dish is so versatile. You could do steak, chicken, shrimp or just veggies.  By using the low sodium soy sauce, brown rice and a tiny amount of oil, you are really cutting down on the calorie content (in case you are interested!).  This is a very healthy, easy, filling weeknight meal.

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I’ll hopefully be back before the next 15 days fly by… 🙂