Butter Pecan Ice Cream

I never get the craving for specific types of ice cream. I love ALL types of ice cream equally.  I can eat ice cream any time of year…any temperature.  Crazy, I know. Recently, I saw a recipe for a butter pecan ice cream with caramelized bananas on top.  Originally, I was going to only make the bananas for another dessert.  However, the more I looked at the ice cream recipe, the more I wanted to make it (and eat it).

The recipe can be found HERE on The Food Network website.  This also includes the recipe for the candied pecans and caramel bananas.

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Observations: I didn’t make the ice cream in a bag like the recipe suggests.  You can do it that way, but if you have an ice cream maker it is much easier.  After you mix the ingredients with the candied pecans, put in the refrigerator until completely chilled.  Then, put the mixture in the ice cream maker until it forms a thicker ice cream.  You might need to freeze to let it set a little more.  Also, I burnt the first batch of candied pecans and had to start over.  Make sure you keep an eye on them…they can burn very fast.

Analysis: I would definitely make this again, but with minor changes.  The bananas did not get as brown as I thought, but still tasted good.  I might cook the sugar and butter longer before adding the bananas.  Also, the ice cream seemed super sweet to me.  Next time, I plan on adding a little less sweetened condensed milk.